>   At a 7 June 1917 meeting of the Chicago Business Circle at the La Salle Hotel in Chicago, "Dr. William Woods is listed in the minutes" as "President, International Association of Lions," and representing 27 Lions Clubs listed under this name.   

>   "The corporate records of the State of Indiana show that on October 24, 1916, Dr. Woods, Carmi Hicks and C.R. Conan filed Articles of Incorporation for a non-profit organization titled the International Association of Lions Clubs."

>  "All Lions clubs chartered after August 30, 1916, were organized under that name and by June 1, 1917, there were 35 clubs that had

received charters from the association."

(*)  It is noteworthy that Carmi Hicks, the original Secretary-treasurer of the International Association of  Lions Clubs,  was no longer available due to Military Service.   His replacement, Melvin Jones, a relatively new  face, owed his selection to replace Carmi to none other than Dr. Woods.    (In a 1952 sworn affidavit, Dr.  Woods told Melvin Jones that "If you will get out and mix with the boys and be a good fellow, and try to boost  your own stock, I’ll get behind you and I’ll boost you also.”   Dr. Woods was good to his word and  Melvin Jones was elected Secretary.)

​​Lions Clubs in the 21st Century  by Paul W. Martin - 1922-2009

A longtime Lions Club member, Mr. Martin in 1991 wrote a 324-page book detailing the history of Lions Clubs International, called "We Serve: A History of the Lions Clubs." In doing research for the book, he interviewed

Jim Cameron, a past Lions Clubs International director.
He dug up a whole bunch of stuff that no one else knew about," said Cameron.
Mr. Martin was commissioned to work with co-author Robert Kleinfelder on a 383-page update of the book, titled "Lions Clubs in the 21st Century," published in 2008.

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>  Charters for membership into the International Association of Lions Clubs  were subsequently issued to the Vortex Club of St. Louis, Missouri (July 25, 1917) and "the Chicago Central Club" on  2 August of 1917.

>  Melvin Jones and the Business Circle apparently postponed a decision pending further study on the matter.  It was not until 19 June 1917 that Jones reportedly wrote to the Secretary of the Ardmore, OK., Lions Club seeking greater insight.   J.T. Coleman of  The Ardmore club responded with a high recommendation. 

>   On 21 July 1917, "Dr. Woods" notified all clubs that "The first convention of the Lions Clubs will be held in the city of Dallas, Texas, on the 8-9-10 of October of this year."



Certified True Copy of the
25 October 1916 Filing of the 
Articles of Incorporation of the "INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of LIONS CLUBS."

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To Whom It May Concern

F.E. Coss statement affirming

Dr. Woods as the Founder of

Lions International.